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My blog has been moved to WordPress at

Why? WikiDot is a great site, don't get me wrong, but the blog features are a little lacking. I hacked it up as well as I could to be blog-like, but it just wasn't enough. I decided on WordPress because it had a ton of cool features, and I'm a feature-guy. I'll probably keep this site around, too, unless I decide WordPress has the functionality to handle my reviews and stuff.

Moved Blog to WordPress! by PDearmorePDearmore, 08 Nov 2007 14:13

Since deciding to embrace the theology of grace rather than that of legalism, I have been (at least I think) slowly growing as a Christian.

The key word is slowly. But under grace; that's OK. Although I was never what my church would consider a "Good Fundamentalist", my thinking had still been poisoned by legalism. Although I could go to movies, for example, with a perfectly clear conscience, I would mentally get the cat o' nine tails out when I would miss reading my Bible for a day. I would feel like, "Well, I failed, and I'll do the same again, so why bother with anything?"

Even when I wouldn't give up, I would get back on the horse, but at the same time I would use it as an opportunity to examine my life to try to find every little failing and "clean house" and try to fix everything at once. And there is the problem. A mind poisoned by the legalistic mindset can not allow things to stay in an imperfect condition. So, seeking perfection, it will always fail, and if it doesn't, it is just kidding itself, and misses the point of how we are to live in the grace of God.

Instead, when I miss the opportunity to read my Bible in the morning and pray, I feel like I really missed something good. This morning, I made time. I read from Galations, and I prayed to God, and really tried to feel what I was praying. The shade was up on the window in front of me, and it was just an inspiring feeling to be praying and feel the sun begin to lighten things behind my closed eyes as I thanked God for all of the good things he has given me. It is better to feel as though you missed out on that than to feel guilty that you failed yet again.

PDearmorePDearmore 31 Oct 2007 17:24
in discussion Reviews / Movies » Transformers

[5/10] Did Transformers have any redeeming qualities? Well, let's see… It had some cool sound effects. Some cool action scenes. Really good special effects. If they could have kept the movie to a strict update of the original Transformers cartoon, it would have been a better movie. Instead, the crude sexual humor and resemblance to a bad Melrose Place episode noticeably detracted. The government involvement was nothing more than a facade that hid absolutely no substance behind it. Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds remake has become the model for such a situation; if you can't write a convincing government part of the story, don't do it at all.

In the end, Transformers was little more than a shallow, insincere offering to a very narrow demographic (probably late teenage males), that has been done before, and done better, at that. Terminator?

Transformers by PDearmorePDearmore, 31 Oct 2007 17:24

The Culturally Savvy Christian argues that Christianity used to be a powerful force in shaping culture, but has since become less effective as a result of increasingly either disengaging from culture altogether, or trying too hard to fight against it.

Alright! My brilliant mind has hatched solutions to both of these problems!

  1. Visit through an Ajax browser like Palary Browser at
  2. I installed SQL Server Management Studio into a Windows XP VM. Magically, no more HD crash problems.

Well, this is it. I figure when I look at the Yahoo Weather widget on my desktop and the expected high temperature for the next week is all below 60 degrees, we've officially hit the unofficial beginning of Fall.

Here's two things that my laptop is in the habit of doing that absolutely drive me crazy.

  1. Whenever I visit, my router crashes. Yes, that's right, my router crashes. Sometimes I can view a couple of pages, but without exception, if I spend more than a couple of minutes at, my router stops responding and I have to unplug it and plug it back in, and everything has to reconnect. The thing is… Who do I talk to about this? I mean, what could Dick Staub do about it-or his webmaster? Who has ever heard of a website crashing a router? It's impossible! And yet I can't view pages on that website. And that is the only website that I have that problem with.
  2. If I leave SQL Server Management Studio open for too long, my hard drive stops responding. That means all of my software does a hard crash, one program right after another. I lose work. I have to reboot. And then things work fine. Why would leaving this program open cause my HD to stop responding?? It makes no sense.

Well, today I had my first root canal. I guess it wasn't too bad. I went in for what was supposed to be a quick filling job. I got through the shot fine, and the stuff after that isn't too bad. After the dentist had drilled for awhile, she said, "Well, the decay has gotten so deep I've already drilled into part of your nerve and it's still not all gone." At that point I was almost psychotic. Drilled into a nerve?! I nearly jumped out of the chair and started running. She gave me the choice of pulling the tooth or doing a root canal. Well, teeth pulling, I already knew, was traumatic, so I opted for the root canal.

An hour and a half later, after a lot of digging around in my tooth with barbaric looking instruments, I was told I had a temporary filling in place and would have to come back for something more permanent. Now, a few hours later, the Novocaine is wearing off and it is starting to get a little sore…

My wife and I took a step out to try to get out and do things to enjoy life, each other, and God's blessings a little more. We saw in a local guide that at a local lake they were doing an "Autumn Paddle"; where you canoe out on a lake with a guide at sunset, land at a little wilderness location and partake in a little snack of cheese, crackers, and cider. This was the best thing we have done in a long time. It started out raining very hard, and we were under dressed, but by the time we were soaked and chilled to the bone, it started warming up and the sun came out, so we didn't notice the cold too much. In the end, we got to enjoy a lot of wonderful things God made; the lake, the forest, the wildlife, etc. and got to spend some quality time with each other outside of our normal boundaries. We need to do stuff like this more often.

Enjoying life a little more by PDearmorePDearmore, 18 Sep 2007 14:11

Now that I've finished Philip Yancey's review of the book of Job, I think I understand what I should be taking away from it. Job is a very important book in the Bible, because at some point, we will all go through suffering, and we will have to respond somehow. We will also be given "spiritual" advice by the Eliphaz's in our lives. From Job we learn that it is okay to question God when it happens, but to curse or blaspheme God would be to miss a huge opportunity in our lives. These times of suffering, although they hurt now, can bring great glory to God if you faithfully get through them.

What to take away from Job by PDearmorePDearmore, 25 Aug 2007 10:54
Thought for the day
PDearmorePDearmore 23 Aug 2007 16:56
in discussion Hidden / Blog » Thought for the day

A poignant thought gleaned from The Bible Jesus Read… God is more interested in our faith than he is in our personal comfort or pleasure…

Thought for the day by PDearmorePDearmore, 23 Aug 2007 16:56

As I was reading The Bible Jesus Read today I realized something… Now, let me preface this by saying I've always assumed God had a perfectly just and reasonable cause for telling the Israelites to wipe out an entire culture. It's never hurt my faith, I've just never cared to put time into this one. But to hit the ground running when the time comes for me to look into this, I realized that God had every right and was perfectly justified in asking the Israelites to annihilate the Amalekites. God is a God of personal relationships, and not one of the Amalekites had a personal relationship with God, or ever would. In fact, it could quite rightly be said that they were a waste of flesh. All they cared about were themselves and pleasure. God gave them life, but they wasted it, and their continued existence would cause the corruption of people that God did have a personal relationship with.

Today's devotion made me think a little. "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." I always strive to be perfect in everything I do… But in some things I will never make it to perfection. I may never be the biggest and strongest, but God's power can still use me to protect my family. Thus, not being perfect in everything is some times okay.

As part of my crusade to learn to appreciate things more, I want to go to an art museum. Unfortunately, I probably won't have time to do this anytime soon. Every weekend and most week nights I'm fixing up small things around the house. Painting, fixing walls, fixing the deck, the list goes on and on. It's hard to stop and smell the roses.

Time for art museums? by PDearmorePDearmore, 02 Aug 2007 11:55
Fantasy Football
PDearmorePDearmore 29 Jul 2007 00:33
in discussion Hidden / Blog » Fantasy Football

Well, I'm taking the plunge this year and playing Fantasy Football with the Sharper Iron league.

Fantasy Football by PDearmorePDearmore, 29 Jul 2007 00:33
Appreciating life
PDearmorePDearmore 25 Jul 2007 15:33
in discussion Hidden / Blog » Appreciating life

The day I decided to open my mind up and critically think about the Fundamentalism I've been taught all of my life, it's like a new spirituality has taken hold. I've become excited about living, learning, and sharing my faith.

I am going to embark on a mission to appreciate life more. I think that by enjoying the things that God gave to us and meant for our enjoyment, I will learn more about him. I've never cared a thing for art or poetry for instance. I want that to change.

Appreciating life by PDearmorePDearmore, 25 Jul 2007 15:33

[5/10] Although my wife claims she absolutely hated this movie, I did see her crack a smile in a few parts. It was a little boring. I wasn't expecting a kids' movie, but that is the only demographic I can possibly see liking it. In that sense, it had some cute parts.

Night at the Museum by PDearmorePDearmore, 24 Jul 2007 10:42

I'm going to tack "status reports" onto this page in the form of page comments so that there can be a "paper trail". Well… I've read all of James White's book. I was impressed with his gracious attitude and logical arguments. Before I wholeheartedly jump off of the KJVO ship, I'll have to scrutinize his case a little more closely of course. I haven't yet finished One Book Stands Alone. Of course, do I really need to? I'm fairly familiar with KJVO arguments, having gone to a KJVO college. Unfortunately, I am very unimpressed with his tone and "logic". Defense of TR readings over critical text is usually based on, "How can you witness to someone out of this verse if this word here is removed?" Of course the difference between me and most of my fundamentalist brethren is that I don't want a Bible text that includes things that were not in the originals simply because it is a better witnessing tool. I am more interested in working with what God originally wrote.

Status Report 7/22/2007 by PDearmorePDearmore, 22 Jul 2007 11:00
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