God is always answering prayers. My theory is that we don't really get to appreciate the grace that God bestows on us all the time because we ask for things, and then we when get them, we have already moved on to asking for the next thing. This page will help me to keep track of things that I ask.

Important (life changing) Requests

These won't be answered right away…

  • Direction for where to live - We feel the Lord's leadership pulling us to Spokane, WA. But first we need a miracle…
  • For our house to sell. This is the miracle that will have to happen to move. Our house has some eccentricities, and we would need to sell it for enough to at least break even on it.
  • That God would teach me to feel passionately about things again.
    • This may be answered slowly, over time, through many small things occurring in life. Here's some things that have happened that pertain to this:
    • We went to the Site & Sound production of Psalms of David.
    • Saw an article about how busy-ness causes you to ignore beauty. Maybe I'm too busy… I need to stop and smell the roses.
  • We. Need. Friends. Close relationships. Mentors. Something!


  • Family
  • Coworkers



  • For J.C. at our church to sell his old house
  • For help for Monica in homeschooling this year. She is feeling overwhelmed…

Answered Prayer

  • Nathaniel's strange eye blinking so far seems to just be watery eyes and/or allergies.
  • Kaylee was born without any complications!
  • Monica recovered very well after surgery.
  • Emily's knee surgery went well.

God's Providence

Sometimes things happen that are little gifts from God. I just want to recognize those things so I can thank him for them.

  • I was in Chicago on business, and things worked out that I got to leave early. After I left, a storm moved in that could have canceled my flight and caused a longer stay. (I got out just in time).